Thursday, April 28, 2011

I knew teaching 3rd grade would be rewarding when...

I knew teaching third grade would be rewarding when... my class was listening to a guest author presentation.  The author explained that each person is born with a birthday gift:  our talent.  Some are born with one; some with many.  She described a talent as something you enjoy doing yet have to practice to improve your skill.  She asked the teachers to share an example of one of our hobbies or talents.  Before I could even respond, one of my bright, outgoing, well-liked students blurted out, “I know what Ms. E’s talent is:  teaching!”  Tears sprang to my eyes, and a smile burst on my face!  I was overwhelmed with emotion, joy and affirmation.  What an inspiring way to conclude my close encounters of the third-grade!
On the last day of school on the last day of outdoor cross-walk duty, one of my students approached me and said, “My favorite part about third grade was having you as my teacher.” 
On the first day of summer vacation, I received my first letter from a student.  It was his original illustration of the Blackhawks logo that he had created in art class.

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