Thursday, April 28, 2011

I knew 3rd grade was too old for me when...

I knew 3rd grade was too old for me when…four of the kids came in from recess accusing each other of having sex.
One student grabbed another’s eraser in math class and threatened to throw it at him, saying, “Do you want a hole in your nipple?”  No comment!  You do the math;-)
One of my students miscued the word “Cherokee” for “karaoke” and “puppetry” for “puberty” in social studies!  That is a different genre of social studies ;-)
The librarian discovered a ripped and crumpled wad of notebook paper in the hallway near the lockers that read, “I don’t no where you get this stuff but I’m giving the ring back.  Sorry L” Guess, the engagement is off!  Just answer me this:  how come my kids are rejecting proposals and returning rings when I can’t even get a date??? 
One of my students wrote in his “Letters to M.E.” that “in retrospect I think both of them are really amazing [books].  As much as I love to read books I always want to pick just right books.  For example, once I tried to read a copy of the original Red Badge of Courage.  I thought I think I’ll wait a little until I read this book.”  Um, yeah, that one’s still a challenge for ME! 

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