Thursday, April 28, 2011

I had no idea what a legacy I was leaving until...

I had no idea what a legacy I was leaving until... student council announced “Dress Up Like a Teacher” day.  I figured some of my former female students might dress up as me, but I was completely flabbergasted when my former 2nd grader and present 5th grader came to school fully festooned as…ME!  From short blonde wig and glasses, scarf and skinny jeans, to high-heeled boots, he had impersonated me to a T!  “My mom drew the line at make-up,” he ruefully confessed.  His mother is a fellow 2nd grade teacher in our district, whom I have always admired and of whom I have sought her good opinion, especially while instructing her son in 2nd grade—her area of expertise!  Much to my delight, I was “well received” and I embraced the privilege of having K.C. in my class.  At the end of his 2nd grade year, I sent home the following comment in his report card, “I have so enjoyed having K.C. in class this year!  K.C. is a voracious reader!  Encourage him to read carefully and use details to express his comprehension.  K.C. writes with fluency and organization.  He is conscientious about applying interesting word choice in his writing.  I loved K.C.’s wrap-up sentence when writing about his life from a cactus’ perspective:  “Soon my children will arrive and tell my legacy.”  Little did I realize the word of prophesy that conclusion would prove to be until K.C. showed up in my classroom costumed as a tribute to me!  Ms. E.:  inspiring the next generation of transvestites!

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