Thursday, April 28, 2011

I knew the holiday gift exchange would be revealing when...

I knew the holiday gift exchange would be revealing when... one of my students handed me a tiny purple penguin pail overflowing with candy, chocolate, and…Sensual Hand Cream!  The description read, “Awaken your senses.  Jasmine Absolute relaxes the mind and inspires sexy self-confidence.  Vanilla Absolute helps soothe and calm so you feel at ease.”  Initially, I pondered the multiple-choice mentality:
a. “What kind of person do these parents take me for?  Do I honestly come across as a blond bimbo? 
b. Or does the family pity my solitary state and generously offer a helping ‘hand’ in spicing up my scent/sex life?!!
c. However, it was the final option that was least offensive and most probable.  The Sensual Hand Cream simply smelled good and would protect my hands in the bitter cold winter weather we were beginning to experience. 
After choosing option c, my 60 something colleague down the hall, asked me if I’d received a gift from her student’s twin brother, and if so, what was it? When I told her, she expressed that she had received the same gift!  We shared our bewilderment, relief that “it wasn’t just me!,” and a good laugh! 

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